Brewing Borrachos 

“5 for 5” West Coast IPA
Five years of Bomberos Homebrew Fest and five different killer IPA’s by the Borrachos. This year’s IPA is a 7.8% hop beast that is all about the hop’s. Grapefruit and tropical flavors taking over. 
15 gallons
21A American IPA

A 6.5% Golden Sour with guava. A sour beer blended from Belgian Golden Ale aged in 5 gallon oak barrels for 8 months with brett, pedio & lacto. The sour was then put on fresh local guava from a firefighter’s backyard trees. This is as traditional as it gets on a homebrew scale! Fresh and crisp with hint of oak character, mild tartness and just the right amount of funk!
5 Gallons
28C Wild Specialty beer - base style is golden sour ale aged on fresh guava.

A 4.3% American Wheat Beer. Favorite Borracho beer of Soccer Mom's everywhere. So fine back in 99.
15 Gallons 
1D American Wheat Beer

Soccer Mom gets hop juiced. Our wheat beer gets heavily dry hopped with Centennial and Amarillo.
5 Gallons 
1D American Wheat Beer

"CMS for EMS" Chocolate Milk Stout
A 5.2% milk stout with cacao nibs and lactose. 
Like chocolate milk but better.
5 Gallons 
30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable beer, base style is milk stout and cacao nibs are added

A 12.5% Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with lactose and cacao nibs. 
5 Gallons 
33B Specialty Wood Aged Beer, base style is Imperial hybrid stout (not Russian Imperial Stout) aged in bourbon barrel with lactose, brown sugar and cacao nibs.

FDC Brewing

Honeymoon Hefeweizen

Inspired by our every popular and first beer offering “Harris Hef of 2012” and first brewed and fermenting during our honeymoon in 2013, Honeymoon Hefeweizen is a beer that blurs the line between traditional beer styles with a unique aroma, flavor, and mouth feel, and color. 

Beginning with the traditional "Hefe” (yeast) and "Weizen" (wheat) Honeymoon Hefeweizen has hints of the traditional hefeweizen flavors of banana, clove, and vanilla but then there is an added pure maple undertone which adds yet another layer of complex flavor and a refreshing taste that enhances it’s drinkability.

Kelly’s Redheaded Ale 

First brewed in 2013 in tribute to one of the toughest woman I have ever seen ride a bicycle Kelly’s Redheaded Ale is a well-balanced yet surprisingly complex beer.

With its familiar reddish hue of a traditional Irish Ale and a generous portion of roasted barley you will enjoy a refreshing clean flavor with a hint of caramel malt served with smooth moderate carbonation. 

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Ale
An experience for all your senses ……. IF YOU DARE!!!!!

The Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Ale has a beautiful golden to orange-red glow that is a sight to behold.

As you breathe deeply you will notice many spices accompanying the beer, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove all make a dramatic appearance.


Harer Brewing

  • Plump Piggy Coconut Porter

  • Whil Weathon

  • Aye Yai Yai-P-A

  • El Cortijo

  • Barrel Aged Graf

10 Fathoms Brewing

  • Siren Song Saison

  • Shipwreck Double IPA

  • Whale Song Imperial Stout

Kaiser Bier

  • Unarmed Battle of Wit

Bearded Lion

  • Mane Man

  • Redneck Ingenuity

  • Apri-Handed

  • Tropic Thunder

  • Strawberry Bliss


  • Number 1


  • Charged Hose Pale Ale

Pride Brewery

  • Hackaballs Blinder

Salty Buffalo Brewing

  • Calypso IPA


  • Blaxxxout

  • Alder & Pecan Smoked Helles Bock

  • Grand Cru Belgian Dark Strong 

  • One Year A Gueuze 

  • Tropical Lambic 

  • Definitely a Schwarzbier

  • Taddy Bear

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